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August 9, 2017

Make Moving Easier with a Garage Sale

Make Moving Easier with a Garage SaleMoving soon? You can always make moving easier with a garage sale! Today, 5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs offers our quick tips for a successful sale. And once you’ve unloaded all that clutter, we can make your move even better by providing all the essentials. We offer packing tools, moving of large and heavy items, and transporting all your personal belongings to their new place in our air ride vans that are safe and reliable.

A garage sale can be a fun and profitable start to your move to a new home. Follow these simple steps to help lighten your load and put some money in your pocket:

  1. Keep it or chuck it

Here is where a good friend can come in handy to give you an honest opinion on what you should take with you, and what you shouldn't. Have a look at your large items, such as furniture, pictures, etc. Will they still look good in your new home? Will they fit in the desired area? Be honest and willing to let go. 

  1. Get everyone involved

Make it a family, friends and neighbors event. Let them pitch in on the garage sale by offering up some of their unwanted items that are just kicking around the house. Sometimes having one large event can bring out a bigger crowd with more interest and sales! 

  1. The best time

Choose a weekend with hours from 8-4pm. People are always looking for fun ways to spend a weekend and things to do. This allows working people to have a chance to get in on some of your goodies. 

  1. Where?

Be sure you have ample parking space and room for all your items, including space to move around and look at things. Do not violate any city codes, and even consider renting a hall if space is an issue. 

  1. Advertise

With social media sites, there is no reason people should miss a big garage sale event. You can also put ads in the local paper, street signs with visible writing and large letters, directions and arrows are always helpful too! 

  1. Be ready

If you advertise for an 8 am garage sale, be sure you are ready and waiting for customers to arrive. Remember, if you don't want early birds, you must specify that in your ad. Make sure you have plenty of change on hand, a cash box, and clearly mark and label your items with prices. Ensure the area is clean, free of dirt or distractions. This is also a good rehearsal for your move – if you go with 5 Star Moving & Storage for your residential move, you can be we’ll arrive right on time. 

  1. Put your best stuff in front

By placing your unique, high priced items right where people can see them best when driving by, you may get them to stop and check you out, rather than driving on by to the neighbor's yard sale down the road. Avoid placing lots of clothes in the front, or books, and be super organized with your items. 

  1. Weather

Yes, it is out of your control, but try to pick a time like spring or summer when you know the skies will be blue and not raining on your parade. No one wants to be out treasure hunting in the wet and cold. On the flipside, if it’s hot and sunny, bring out your pop-up canopy or borrow one from a friend. 

  1. Accept credit cards

Yes, believe it or not, in today's day and age, if you own a smart phone or tablet, you can download an app such as the Square reader, and start accepting credit cards at your garage sale. This is a real bonus, especially if you have high priced items or large flea market buyers coming around. Many people will want to use this feature, and it just takes a little research on your part to set it up. 

  1. Give your best price

Knowing the market value of your items will make bargaining a whole lot easier on everyone. Do some research regarding your items for sale, and see what the going rates are for what you have. If your prices are too high, people will either be offended or not even bother to negotiate with you. Of course, you don't want to sell yourself short on antiques or valuable items, so be armed with a good response when someone asks you where you got the price for that specific item. 

  1. Be tidy and systematic

Hang anything that can be hung up, such as pictures and clothes. Place small trinkets on a table that does not require bending down; put similar items together, and make sure everything is clean.

  1. Be fun, outgoing and confident

When people see you having fun, smiling and genuinely enjoying yourself, it is contagious, which means you will probably sell more. Have lots of bags available for people to take their treasure home in. And be personable, reasonable and willing to negotiate. Bundle items together to get rid of more stuff, and most importantly, be organized.

So now you have finished your successful garage sale but didn't sell all the items. You can try to sell them on online auction sites to squeeze the last little bit out, or, you can also donate the items to charity or a local thrift shop. A lot of charity shops will even pick up items free of charge, so check out their websites to get a better idea of their pickup methods and schedule.

5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs wants you to have a fresh start in your new place of residence, so make moving easier with a garage sale! It can be fun, profitable, and save you lots of space when moving into your new digs, as well as moving company costs in the long run. Call 5 Star Moving and Storage today to set up your move, whether it’s in town or clear across the country!

July 13, 2017

Should You Use Professional Packing Services?

Should You Use Professional Packing Services?Do you have a big move coming up? Should you use professional packing services? 5 Star Moving & Storage in Colorado Springs knows how stressful any size move can be, and we are here to help you every step of the way by providing good advice, a solid and honest reputation and some great reasons why we think you should use professional packing services to help make your move an easy one!

How does it work? The first step is to get an assessment to see what is involved, which will help determine the total cost of your packing services. Consider creating a list of each item that needs to be packed, including furniture, cupboard contents, and kitchen drawers. This will also help determine what's of value and may need extra special care.

Valuable items such as paperwork, artwork and jewelry should be discussed during a household survey, determining how these items should be handled according to your desires. Any items that you want to take with you on moving day, will be packed separately and set aside for you to take.

You should also be sure to ask about the time estimate as to how long it will take them to pack your belongings. Depending on the size of the move, this usually only takes a day.

So why should you use professional packing services?

Time is probably the biggest factor, and most people cannot take the time off work to get it all done. Packing, preparation and organization take a while, not to mention all the supplies you will need to get your items secured also. When a professional packing crew comes in and boxes up your stuff in one day, that means you don't have to live out of a suitcase during the majority of the move.

Many people do not have a ton of experience at properly packing items into boxes to be transported. It is quite an art to accurately assess your items and ensure they are packed correctly to avoid damage or shuffled around during the move. For example, packing mistakes that can occur are not filling tops and spaces in cartons with paper, or linens, to ensure contents of the carton do not shift in transit.

Professional packers use industry standard techniques to keep your belongings from damage during transit. There is a different packing technique for everyone and every valuable that you own, and our professionals are well trained in how to do it correctly. For example, certain furniture pieces will be taken apart and meticulously wrapped using padding and protective packing. Artwork and photo frames will be removed from walls and secured with the right packing materials and in the right-size box.

Saving money is key during a residential move and by hiring the professionals, you can cut down greatly on space in the moving van by packing neatly and using the correct boxes and weight distribution for the journey. Be sure to ask about unpacking your items as well. Most times this will be included in the deal, and it can be a very helpful added feature when there is already so much to do to get settled in.

If you want to save a little money, you can pack up the basics and just hire a professional to pack specialty items such as breakables, antiques, mirrors, furniture, artwork, and other high-value pieces. Also, take into consideration appliances if they’re making the move with you. They are heavy, bulky and finicky on how they must be transported. Professional movers are well equipped with muscle power, heavy-duty equipment and know how.

When is it best to hire the professionals to pack?

If you are just moving a small apartment, then there is probably no need to hire a professional mover, but if it is a long-distance move, a large home or office, or you have many valuable assets, then these are all great reasons when it comes to why should you use professional packing services.

Don't risk losing important items or having them stolen in the process. A long-distance move is just too big of an undertaking for a family to move an entire lifetime of living under one roof! Time is a large factor as well for most people and something to be realistic about.

Here are some things you can do to get involved and make moving a breeze:

  • Have a garage sale! Get rid of some of those items you just don't need following you anymore. Donate unwanted items for people in need and don't forget to head to the local dump to recycle and dispose of unwanted items so that the new owners can move into a nice clean space.
  • Separate valuable things and personal information from items being packed by the professionals for obvious reasons, and take them with you if possible. This will ensure their safe arrival.
  • Leave the light, non-breakable items in the dresser and cabinet drawers such as clothes or towels or pieces of clothing. They are light and easy to transport.
  • You do not need to empty drawers if you hired a professional team. They will tend to all those tasks and pack everything in your home right where it is.
  • If you are moving appliances that will be going with you, it is a great idea to disconnect any water lines or connections as early as you can so the packing crews can prepare it for transit safely and without delay.
  • Ensure pets and children are tended to or away from the home during the move. You do not want unnecessary delays or unfortunate accidents occurring.

So now that you know what you know, should you use professional packing services? Well, that is completely up to you and your unique situation, but 5 Star Moving & Storage in Colorado Springs can make your move a much easier and stress-free event. Be sure to call and ask about all of our services, our stellar reputation, and ethical business practices. Your moving quote is just a call away.

June 12, 2017

Before Moving Your Office, Read This

Before Moving Your Office, Read ThisAt 5 Star Moving & Storage, we know how much time and effort it takes to organize a move from start to finish. Before moving your office, read this interesting bit of information for a smooth and easy transition of your important documents and customer security.

When it comes to planning a company move, it is important to have a checklist leading up to the big day. Let’s take a look at this step by step process from your friendly commercial moving specialists.

  1. GET YOUR TEAM TOGETHER: It is important to select a cross-department moving team and define clear roles and responsibilities about 12 months before the move, depending on the size of your office. Here are some characteristics you will want to find in the people you choose for these tasks:
  • Experienced at multi-tasking
  • Great overall motivator
  • Knowledge of your business
  • Great communication skills
  • Someone who can stick to the budget
  • Highly organized
  • Has seniority to make decisions


  • Unions
  • Parent Companies
  • Department Heads
  • Staff
  • Board Members


  1. LOCATION: Maybe you have already picked out your spot, or maybe not. Here are some points to consider when choosing.
  • Good public transportation for staff and easy access
  • Easy for clients to find
  • Easy for your staff to visit clients
  • Easy commute for employees
  • Local amenities and easy access to highway systems
  • Parking access
  • Perhaps near a major airport


  1. BUDGET: Again, this will depend on the size of your company, but it is important to get quotes for everything.
  • Furniture
  • New equipment
  • Storage if necessary
  • Marketing
  • Commercial moving company
  • Getting your old office space back to original
  • IT set up and installation


  1. HIRE THE RIGHT MOVING COMPANY: About 10 months before your move, you should make arrangements with your moving company to ensure all the details are in order and you are all ready for the big day.
  • Research several office moving companies in your region and obtain quotes.
  • Look for reviews, especially corporate office moves that they may have done in the past
  • Ask for accreditations and certifications.
  • Meet with them in person at the site to go over layout
  • Ask them to provide a complete inventory list of all furniture, machinery, and electronics if possible and take pictures if you are unable to do it.
  • Make sure your timeframe is blocked off with your moving company. Many times, good moving companies are booked well in advance, depending on the time of year.


  1. COMMUNICATIONS AND LOGISTICS: About 4 months out, if you have not done so already, let your current building owner know the date you will be moving, as well as other important details such as:
  • The ordering of new machines, computers, office furniture, etc.
  • Have a meeting with the moving company and staff to voice any concerns and go over the agenda for moving day
  • Contact communications and computer companies for internet and telephone transferring to the new building
  • Distribute a communication sheet and itinerary for all employees to follow


  1. FLOOR PLANNING: Get acquainted with your new space about 2 months from the moving date.
  • Divide floors into two or three sections.
  • Be sure to inform the landlord that the elevators and loading and unloading areas will be occupied extensively on the date you plan to move.
  • Be sure your coordinators review furniture layouts as well as the moving company if applicable
  • Have signs made up, so people know where they are. (Example: floor number or building)


  1. START PACKING: 4 weeks out is an appropriate time to start wrapping up the small details.
  • Have ample boxes and crates available to put items into
  • Pack large common areas up
  • Have a grid sheet made for furniture placement
  • Be certain the bulk of your packing is finished at this point.


  1. ARRANGE ANOTHER COMMUNICATION MEETING: This is a good idea to go over the objective of the move one last time.
  • Meet with all move coordinators to advise them of final plans and schedules.
  • All employees need to be notified of moving plans and coordinators they will be assigned to
  • Installation of new furnishings at the new office location
  • Turn on the air conditioning/heating during move day
  • Security and telephones need to be scheduled


  1. SIGNS: Be very clear on where items should go.
  • Label, label, label! Be sure it is clear on packed boxes and the destination of the box
  • Have the signs you made put up in the appropriate places, so coordinators and the commercial moving company knows where to go
  • If necessary, color coding is a good way to organize where items belong


  1. ORGANIZE: With the final day approaching moving day, now is the time to cross your T's and dot your I's.
  • Be certain employees are completely packed and ready to go
  • Direct coordinators to designated areas at both the new and old building
  • Ensure movers have protection for walls and elevators in place
  • Be sure everyone is on the same page and has asked questions if they do not understand the process
  • Enjoy a great move, and more importantly, have fun!


  1. FINALIZATION PROCEDURES: So, the move went well, and now the last bit of business to attend to.
  • Make a list of any damaged or misplaced items
  • Move any items not needed to storage
  • Remove empty boxes and moving items


Having a checklist that is easy to read and placed where everyone can see it is an important piece of making your office moving day go smoothly without a hitch, and having the right team in place is an important key as well. A reputable moving company that is experienced in this type of move will help out tremendously, so be sure to do your due diligence when choosing the right company for the job.

5 Star Moving & Storage is a commercial moving company with a long history of friendly customer service and outstanding satisfaction. We are exceptionally trained and highly organized when it comes to this type of a move, and we’re here to help you. So before moving your office, read this over again before getting started then give us a call for a free quote.

May 9, 2017

How to Avoid Moving with a 500 Pound Box of Books

How to Avoid Moving with a 500 Pound Box of BooksToday, 5 Star Moving & Storage in Colorado Springs shares how to avoid moving with a 500 pound box of books, and save your back and legs from injury in the process. We know that moving is a stressful and physically demanding job for everyone involved. Where do you even start? What do you do with your extensive library collection? By following a few simple suggestions as you start a packing regimen, you may even find yourself with a few extra bucks in your pocket at the end of the day!

Here’s your step-by-step for how to avoid moving with a 500 pound box of books.

  1. NECESSITIES: This may be a tough one for some, because most bookworms really don't want to part with ANY of their beloved reads, but it is necessary only to keep the most significant ones, and get rid of the rest when you are trying to downsize. Books add up quickly in the weight department, and that means added cost to your moving bill when hiring a moving truck. Remember, you can gift, resell or donate and earn a little money while making someone else very happy. Sort your books into KEEP piles and GIVE AWAY piles, and then take action. Use social media or online buying sites such as eBay. You can even hold a garage sale at your home or ask a local book store if they can buy the whole lot.

  2. PACK PROPERLY: You will need to gather up boxes, packing tape, markers, newspapers and packing paper for this task. Your boxes will need to be DRY, clean, sturdy and undamaged but small enough to fit your books. Use the newspaper and packing material to protect your antique or valuable books. Tape and mark the boxes, categorizing each one, so you know exactly what's in them, such as "cook books," and what room they need to go to, such as, "kitchen." This will help your book boxes find their way to the right room in your new place instead of having to reshuffle heavy boxes post-move.

  3. ENSURE BOXES ARE STURDY: A good point to consider is to reinforce your boxes with masking tape or a strong clear packing tape, and thoroughly inspect them before placing your most cherished books in them. Add a little extra packing paper for protection and peace of mind. This might also be where you go ahead and buy new boxes instead of going the second or third-hand box route.

  4. HOW TO PACK BOOKS: Believe it or not, there is a protocol on how to pack your books to ensure the best move. Here are 3 great options to choose from:
  • FLAT: and stacked is an easy way to place your books in a box of choice. Be sure to have the largest in first and stack up to the smallest.
  • UPRIGHT: Place your books upright with the open ends facing the outside of the box, not the inside where they could get damaged.
  • SPINES DOWN: This is the least recommended option of the three, but be sure to keep the spines facing the bottom of the box or container to avoid damaging the spine indefinitely.

  1. DON'T PACK TO TIGHT: Allow a little space in between books, even perhaps adding a towel in between rows if the box allows. Be sure to fill in holes and gaps that you may see to avoid any significant movement that could bend or crinkle pages during transport, whether you’re moving long distance or nearby.

  2. USE YOUR SUITCASE: This is an excellent way to pack books and add an extra element of protection in doing so. Not only is it durable and waterproof, you also have a comfortable handle to carry them from point A to point B.

  3. QUICK TIPS FOR MOVING YOUR BOOKS: Keep book boxes under 40 lbs. and keep the boxes small. Double tape bottoms and tops for reinforcement. Prized and antique books afford extra packing precautions or carry them with you to ensure they reach their destination intact.


Along with proper book packing, a great idea when moving and packing up belongings is to organize a timeline or calendar that you can follow to ensure you stay on track for when the big day comes. Here is a guideline to follow, adjust it to suit your needs:


  • Pack out of season items you won't be needing such as clothes, shoes, sweaters, etc.
  • Pack special tools or equipment you won't be using
  • Pack collectible items such dolls, art, figurines, coin and stamp collections


  • Pack your books at this time and maybe leave a couple of your favorites out
  • Pack spare bedding, towels, duvet covers, kitchen ware, kitchen items


  • Pack up children's toys, games, office supplies, jewelry, hobby rooms, etc.


Assess the situation, and see where you may need to pay more attention. Kitchens can be difficult to organize, but now would be the time to start.

  • Pack food items, toasters, etc.
  • Pack clothes, medicines
  • Disassembled furniture


Everything should be very close to packed and ready in boxes for your residential movers to transport.

  • Pack essential box with items you will need during your move, such as toiletries, medicines, and of course a book


When the day finally arrives, remember to try to have fun and go with the flow. Have some friends over to help if possible, keep pets and kids in a secure area, out of the path of the movers, and keep an eye on which items need to go where.

Whether you are moving long distance, or just across the street, try to keep a positive outlook and a stress-free attitude to make the move go smoothly. After all, it is always exciting to start a new chapter, and a new and exciting journey, wherever that may take you. Just like the cherished books you have carefully packed, your new move holds a new story, so enjoy!

Knowing how to avoid moving with a 500 pound box of books will save you a lot time, hassles and sore muscles. Of course, if you find yourself short on time or just too overwhelmed with packing up your library, remember you always have the choice of asking the professionals at 5 Star Moving & Storage to work their magic and get your library packed safely and securely.

April 14, 2017

How to Simplify Moving with These 15 Tips

How to Simplify Moving with These 15 Tips5 Star Moving & Storage wants to share how to simplify moving with these 15 tips. As a company you can rely on for service, honesty, and accountability, we hope these great ideas will help you in your next moving endeavor. Most moves are an exciting time for people, with new adventures and new beginnings, so don't let moving stress you out! Follow these tips for a successful move, every time.

  1. LOOK for the PROFESSIONALS: A lot of homeowners don't realize just how big of a job moving can be. While it is sometimes possible to gather up the neighbors, friends, and family come moving day, other times it might be a different story. Sometimes excuses can leave you high and dry with a mountain of boxes and work, not to mention other deadlines when moving day arrives. Do some research and seek out the help of a reputable and reliable moving company. Ask for quotes and references, then weigh your options if you decide to go the professional route.
  1. DECLUTTER: Probably one of the hardest realities to come to terms with when we are moving, is getting rid of stuff. Why carry extra "baggage" around with us from home to home, or room to room? Is it really what you need in your life? Get some help with this one, and make it a fun and enjoyable experience. Invite over a friend, to be honest with you and the extra stuff that you have grown attached to. Hold up items and decide if they stay or do they go.
  1. ORGANIZE: Once you have the items that you DON'T want, now you can decide whether to sell them online, have a garage sale, give to charity, or any other type of donation system in your community. It is an excellent way to give back to your town or even make a little money to help pay for moving expenses.
  1. CHOOSE A MOVING DAY: Believe it or not, selecting the right day can make a huge difference in savings. By selecting a weekday versus a weekend, you may get a significant discount, and keep in mind that certain months are more demanding than others, such as summertime being a busy time for most companies.
  1. GET YOUR PACKING SUPPLIES READY: This is a huge time saver when it comes to packing your house. Why not save even more time while you are picking up your tape, felt pens, etc. and ask the hardware store if they have any old boxes they are getting rid of.
  1. PACK UP DECORATIVE ITEMS: Your walls may look a little bare and empty, but this time saver will be a blessing when push comes to shove on moving day. Take down pictures, wall decorations, fragile items, knick knacks, and anything taking up space. The more you do now, the less anxiety will ensue come moving day.
  1. GET YOUR PAPERS IN ORDER: This means changing your address and sending out notices to utility companies, friends, and family. Cancel any subscriptions you will not need anymore, credit card statements and bills.
  1. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL: Labeled boxes are your friend. Numbering boxes will help you know which boxes need unpacking first and labeling them with what room they are from such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, makes unpacking a breeze. Have stuff headed to a storage facility? Label those boxes clearly!
  1. HEAVY ITEMS: These should be placed in small boxes, so they are easy to carry for either you or your movers. Your back will thank you, and you may save yourself a lot of broken items and split boxes.
  1. PROTECT YOUR ITEMS: Don't pack any blankets, pillows, towels or foam you may have around. These are great ways to pack your fragile dishes in or around other breakables.
  1. PERSONAL PACK: Don't forget your personal toiletry bag with a change of clothes and any medications you may need when you arrive at your new place. Be sure to set it aside somewhere where the movers or helpers won't accidentally throw it in with the other items.
  1. USE YOUR STORAGE BINS: Or even your garbage cans and laundry baskets to pack belongings in. Especially useful for crafts and odds and ends.
  1. LOAD THE HEAVY STUFF FIRST: By putting in your furniture and heavier items first, you can evenly distribute the weight in the van as well as free up extra space for your boxed items on top, not to mention better protection for the items in boxes. If you have opted for a professional moving company, they are trained in this task, and will more than likely tell you which items need to go in first.
  1. PETS/KIDS: A word of wisdom with pets and children. This can be a stressful event for them, so be sure to line up a babysitter and kennel or pet sitter. Not only will it keep them out of the way and avoid mishaps, but it will also be much more relaxing for all parties involved.
  1. CELEBRATE: Once you have finally signed off with the movers and are sitting with your feet up in your new living room, it will be rewarding to know that by being organized and following a moving procedure, it was well worth all the effort. Celebrate and enjoy!

Now that you know how to simplify moving with these 15 tips remember the most important aspect is to HAVE FUN! Try to keep an optimistic and cheerful outlook while moving. Having help will make the day go quicker and keep spirits up too! Hiring 5 Star Moving & Storage is also a good way to ensure an easy and fun move. We have many years in the industry, be it short or long distance moves, and we are bonded, insured and genuine when it comes to your belongings and welfare during a move. We also provide storage units that are heated, secure, and large for any items you may not quite have a spot for yet. Ask about our senior and veteran discounts too. Contact us today.


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